Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Daze

Well the holidays are here and after a few days of recovering I am no longer a tired elf. As most of you, I am having family come for the week of Christmas and plan to hang with friends durring the few days left in the break till the new year. The new year is sure to bring many new changes for Muddy Knees Ceramic Design. With that in mind I have started designing the new ornaments for 2009 and have 3 great new shapes already. The image above are the 3 best selling shapes for 2008. Thanks to my new partnership with BlackBird Frame and Art, my new 2 D ceramic work is sure to be presented in the most professional manor. My thanks go out to everyone that has supported me by purchasing my product this year from me or one of my fine gallery partners. Have a great Holiday.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The B.I.G. Crafty

I had a blast at The Big Crafty as did all the customers I talked to. I had just rushed a kiln load to have more ornaments for the show and I'm glad I did because I sold out of them. Thanks to my friends from the Rosen show that visited and to Mike and Molly for there help with the set up and sales. The place was bumping and even in the basement in the very back of the show where I was set up folks were making sales. Holiday music playing, free beer flowing, and people buying, made everyone in a great jolly mood.

If you missed it, make sure you don't next year. Its just another reason that Asheville is such a great place to live where creative people are so abundant.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Orders out and ready 4 retail

All my ornaments are out in galleries now except for a few dozen that are part 2 of 2. Now I get to make pottery again. Yea. This is the part of the job I like. I will be throwing for a couple of weeks enough work for my downtown space at the Woolworth walk, my seconds studio sale at the house and the Big Crafty(downtown at the pack place). I have been designing a line of small pottery. Little vases and forms that will not break every ones little pocketbooks. Big bowl and platters are always good sellers so I have made a few of these too. Mugs and more are up for the thanksgiving break. The holidays are here and there seems nothing I can do to slow down time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mountain Made

This one is now on sale at Mountain Made in the Grove Arcade.

Mountain Made

Blog Blues

Ahhh I really wanted to type at this blog more but the time is just not there right now. Orders are due and not done and I am spending every waking moment trying to hit while the iron is hot. Good news from the retail front. Woolworth Walk my downtown gallery is doing better this month tho not as good as this time last year. who knows what the new year will bring but my first year there I was lousing like 75 bucks a month in Jan. Feb. and March. Last year was 11 months of profit there. Clay made the cover of the local rag here so that's exciting. Maybe some day clay artists will be treated like real people instead of children that like to play in the mud. I think part of the problem is that its so easy to make pottery and so hard to tell what is good pottery. There are also a ton of good ceramic artist here in Asheville. My favorite sushi place in town serves all its edible art on simple glazed slabs and has hand thrown dishes for the soy. Even a lot of buildings in town have ceramic terracotta exteriors that were at one time handmade. Good luck trying to pull that off today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holloween Blues

Halloween used to be my favorite Holiday. For the last few years it has been getting more and more just a runway for Christmas. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to make some great fall/Halloween pottery but when the time rolls around I am once again backed up with Christmas ornament orders. Maybe I should try and make some Halloween stuff this Easter.

Well I do get to go trick or treating this year so that's fun. Sawyer told me that I have to go as a big dinosaur as he his going as a little one. The kids in my area are everywhere during Halloween. I think they might be trucking them in from somewhere. Its snowed here yesterday and it made me feel like the Christmas season is coming a little sooner then later this year. Lets hope so.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Late nights

There is nothing like staying up late and getting up early day after day. This time of year I am up past midnight making ornaments and getting up with the little one at 7 (when I'm lucky). I do it because I am getting behind with production. I am catching up as I have promised my galleries ornaments by Nov. 15. It also helps that I think I have hit the grove for the season and am cranking some sweet product now. Its not that I don't like the overflow of customers this time of year, I just wish it could be a steady stream. Going from nothing to too many and back again is hard on me. I just remind myself how many others there are that would love to sell 1000 of anything, ever.

The kiln is about ready to unload so there will be a packing frenzy tonight and about 5 galleries will get work Monday. I have another batch in the wings and am producing dozens a day now. My goal is to have a large stock of un-purchased ornaments ready for The Big Crafty DEC. 7th. Everybody say it with me "Christmas season rebound"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Demo day 2

Well ask and receive for day 2 outside Woolworth Walk. Downtown for the Southern Highlands Craft Fairs weekend at the civic center I let tons of people try out the potters wheel for the first time. I was glad to see a sunny warm day and the crowds were great. I didn't sell as much as I would have liked but the word is out and I met lots of great people who I'm sure will become collectors soon. ;) It was so sunny I even have a little sunburn. Just right because we had a freeze that night. Time to get some firewood. Thanks again to everyone that participated in this weekends demo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Demo Daze

Well I wish it would have warmed up a little more. What good is global warming if you can't throw pottery outside in October? I was overjoyed by the number of people not just viewing but getting involved and getting dirty! I love Asheville! Still after all these years the people who live here and the people who visit are some of the nice ones.

So traffic was stiff with a regular flow by the wheel. So good with so many people stopping by that we are doing it again tomorrow. A lot of kids with their eyes almost popping out of there face when I asked them if they wanted to give it a try. "really?" they would ask. "Yeah why not?" I would say "Are you afraid of getting a little dirty?
" I don't get to throw much these days. (that's "turn" for you southerners) I am so up to my neck with ornament production this time of year that its nice to just throw. No worrying about what it will look like in the end. It all was a pile of clay again.

So we may make the demo a regular thing when Highlands is in town. Just to remind Asheville. Yep. I'm here all year folks. A big thank you to the Woolworth Walk Staff and to all of you that came by.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Arrr ahhhhh but I love my 2 y/o

It's been a long day with the little man and I haven't been able to get my glazing done yet. Some days I am just out of energy. Clay also can suck out the energy. The trick is to balance the days out because both are also so rewarding and time consuming. The trouble is that some days I get overwhelmed by all there is to do. Well today is not going to end as one of those days so I'm off to do a little night glazing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post crash potter

So sales have fallen about 75% in Sept. and I am a little concerned. It seems like nobody knows what will happen to the economy. I make 3/4 of my income from Oct.-Dec. so you can see why I'm a little nervous. Having a degree in Economics doesn't help with the nerves these days. This year has been great. I have made money in months this year I only dreamed of selling pots during in the past. But now with the "crisis" whats a potter to do. Art is the first thing off the list when you loose income. So . . . I'll Blog about it.

This is my first attempt at a real blog. What will you find here? Just the day to day ramblings of a man who has been well wedged by the world. I am optimistic for the future. For the first time ever I am selling my pots online via Etsy. If you don't know about it, its a site for all handmade objects. Pottery fits that bill and I have even joined a team. The Etsy Mud Team! For the first time my work has made it out of the country now selling at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto and my work is selling at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC! Being a potter is like riding a roller coaster. Some days you are thrilled to be on top of the world. Some days you are so low you think you are going to be sick.

I will be updating this Blog during the weekdays only. If only a place to rant and rave, at least its a Potters Point of View.