Monday, November 24, 2008

Orders out and ready 4 retail

All my ornaments are out in galleries now except for a few dozen that are part 2 of 2. Now I get to make pottery again. Yea. This is the part of the job I like. I will be throwing for a couple of weeks enough work for my downtown space at the Woolworth walk, my seconds studio sale at the house and the Big Crafty(downtown at the pack place). I have been designing a line of small pottery. Little vases and forms that will not break every ones little pocketbooks. Big bowl and platters are always good sellers so I have made a few of these too. Mugs and more are up for the thanksgiving break. The holidays are here and there seems nothing I can do to slow down time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mountain Made

This one is now on sale at Mountain Made in the Grove Arcade.

Mountain Made

Blog Blues

Ahhh I really wanted to type at this blog more but the time is just not there right now. Orders are due and not done and I am spending every waking moment trying to hit while the iron is hot. Good news from the retail front. Woolworth Walk my downtown gallery is doing better this month tho not as good as this time last year. who knows what the new year will bring but my first year there I was lousing like 75 bucks a month in Jan. Feb. and March. Last year was 11 months of profit there. Clay made the cover of the local rag here so that's exciting. Maybe some day clay artists will be treated like real people instead of children that like to play in the mud. I think part of the problem is that its so easy to make pottery and so hard to tell what is good pottery. There are also a ton of good ceramic artist here in Asheville. My favorite sushi place in town serves all its edible art on simple glazed slabs and has hand thrown dishes for the soy. Even a lot of buildings in town have ceramic terracotta exteriors that were at one time handmade. Good luck trying to pull that off today.