Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Daze

Well the holidays are here and after a few days of recovering I am no longer a tired elf. As most of you, I am having family come for the week of Christmas and plan to hang with friends durring the few days left in the break till the new year. The new year is sure to bring many new changes for Muddy Knees Ceramic Design. With that in mind I have started designing the new ornaments for 2009 and have 3 great new shapes already. The image above are the 3 best selling shapes for 2008. Thanks to my new partnership with BlackBird Frame and Art, my new 2 D ceramic work is sure to be presented in the most professional manor. My thanks go out to everyone that has supported me by purchasing my product this year from me or one of my fine gallery partners. Have a great Holiday.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The B.I.G. Crafty

I had a blast at The Big Crafty as did all the customers I talked to. I had just rushed a kiln load to have more ornaments for the show and I'm glad I did because I sold out of them. Thanks to my friends from the Rosen show that visited and to Mike and Molly for there help with the set up and sales. The place was bumping and even in the basement in the very back of the show where I was set up folks were making sales. Holiday music playing, free beer flowing, and people buying, made everyone in a great jolly mood.

If you missed it, make sure you don't next year. Its just another reason that Asheville is such a great place to live where creative people are so abundant.