Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Big Crafty

I love this event. It is a great indoor holiday show in the middle of Asheville at just the right time in December. The weather forecasts for colder weather moving in this weekend and my hope is people will be in the seasonal buying mood for some ornaments. I have some new hair clips I am prototyping right now and I will have some at the event at a low low Big Crafty only price. I'll bring a few mugs and vases but I will be focusing on the 5 dozen ornaments I have in the kiln right now in bisque.

This very indie and very Asheville event boasts all types of art and craft from many talented artist. We are all crammed into the Pack Place lobby upstairs and down. There is wall to wall art everywhere you look. Come in for a beer from one of your favorite local brews and stay for the craftastic holiday display.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Park

So it turns out the holiday season is right after Art in the Park. I got swept up in it all and now The Big Crafty is right around the corner. If your in the Asheville area please come and see me at the Pack Place on Sunday December 6th from 12-6pm.

Art in the Park ended on a low note with the weather turning quite cold and rainy, almost sleeting. Overall the event was a huge success with artists making over $25,000 and donating more then $2500 to our 3 chosen arts based nonprofits; Asheville Area Arts Council, Mountain Biz Works and Handmade in America. Thanks to everyone that attended and participated in this years events. Please look for Asheville Art in the Park 2010 dates coming soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Asheville Art in the Park Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the event.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Art in the Park 1 down 2 left!

There was a huge sense of relief as I was picking up trash in Pack Square after the very first Asheville Art in the Park event was over on Saturday. The square was very clean as most of the artist policed their own areas and I was left with only a small handful of trash from the street. It was an amazing first event and went off smoothly. There was steady traffic throughout the beautiful sunny Saturday and everyone I spoke with, patrons, artists, and local business owners all thanked me for bringing this event to downtown Asheville. The center of our city has been under construction for so long now that many have forgotten what it was like when this area was the focus. The Pack Square is a special gem in our city and its history pulsates through the newly paved asphalt.

I would like to thank all the artists that made our first event possible. For artists, vending the first time a new show starts is a risky proposition. Many established artists just don't do it at all. Honestly, the artists at Asheville Art in the Park on October 3rd. have not only shown a professional level of dedication to their craft, but also a profound commitment to the Asheville art community.

Beautiful wood turning, hand hammered iron, masterfully melted glass work, hand thrown pottery, incredible jewelry, and amazing 2dimensional art, was all displayed by some of the best artists in the country. It happened here in our little southern city because Asheville is a magnet for creative culture. A lot of the artists exhibiting at Asheville Art in the Park are nationally known. All of the artist are with in 200 miles of Asheville. Most of them live in Buncombe and the surrounding counties or within the Asheville city limits. It makes me so happy to be able to produce a show of this caliber and still be able to truthfully call it local.

The greatest part is that its not over yet! 2 more Saturdays and a lot more great artists. I will be maxing out the Square on Saturday the 10th as artists scramble to fill the few remaining spaces I have. I still have about 10 tentless table spaces available for artists that don't have or want a full booth. I also have a handful of 10X10 spaces available on the 17th.

Thank you Asheville for being the artsy city in the mountains I love.

Here are some shots of artist's booths. I'll post some more later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Asheville Art in the Park

All my time is now spent on this ever growing project. I hope everyone will come out to this new event.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Big Crafty

Here are some pix of The Big Crafty, July 12th 2009. It was a sunny day and there was tons of traffic. Here are some pix of my booth and the crowd. Thanks to everyone that came by and said hi.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Booth on Lake Lure

What a nice festival it was at the Rumbling Bald Resort. I couldn't get that dirty dancing resort feeling out of my head the whole time. Especially when they made announcements over the loud speakers, my mind would wander as I gazed out over the water from my booth. Sales where very slow but the booth fee was $0 and I very much enjoyed my time there in the sun. I hope to go back next year for the 4th and make it a tradition. A big thank you shout out to the folks that did purchase something at the event.

I put this pot on the pier when I was setting up. When I decided to leave it there for the festival and see what would happen, I started getting tons of comments of all types. Not everyone was afraid it would fall or be knocked into the water. I was. It made for great fun all day as some would pretend to push it over or try and grab it. Some just stopped and stared at it. One guy thought the marina had got some nice new post caps till he looked around at the other empty piers. Thanks for all your comments on it and my pottery and yes it made it through the whole festival 10-5 without being knocked into the lake. Only once I was sure it was about to take a dive. A man was looking at something up on the mountain above the tents and he was slowly backing up and nearing the pot. His female companion noticed he was about to crash into it and grabbed him at the last minute.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring and Summer Events

I will be at some events in the Asheville area this summer. There is so much going on in this town its hard to keep up. Starting in July I will by at Lake Lure's Rumbling Bald Resort on the 4th of July and then at the Pack Place in downtown Asheville on the 12th 12-6. I hope to see you at one of these events if you are in the Asheville area. I will be in Philadelphia for the Buyer Market of American Craft's show at the convention center the first weekend in August. You can always find my work at The Woolworth Walk or Mountain Made Gallery in Downtown Asheville.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It has always been about the process for me. Getting in there and doing, bending, shaping. Finding out about what rules of clay are absolute. Still, I love “form and functions” way of co-habitating in clay. But lately I have been noticing a lack of understanding of the process behind a lot of art. Not just in clay but other medias too. Is it now the goal of commercial art to so veil this all important step that the visual dynamic of the art is the only valued quality? Clearly this has happened in our everyday material world items from egg-beaters to cell phones. They are all designed with built in expiration dates. But how could this so crass a value be pulled into a place as special as art? I will strive to continue to peruse the “old ways” as well as allow “the new” its due influence on my work but in the end it is the process behind the glaze I want collectors to behold.

Monday, March 23, 2009

In the news

well I was in the paper yesterday! Its a nice little article check it out. I hope this will help with the slumping sales and get me some more viability in the Asheville area.

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Website

So where have I been? Lost in as sea of bitmaps and vectors. I have just posted the new Muddy Knees website and it has lots of new stuff like VIDEOS! I have just posted a few but will be getting more up as I have time for. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's

It would seem the new year has come and gone. With family visiting and being sick, I haven't had much time to blog. Resolution one is to blog more. #2 is to work more on my publishing and internet presents. This means more items online and more pictures and videos. My website will go through some major changes in the first part of this year. This will include some interactivity, product registration and a buyers only section.

This year will also bring new designs of ornaments and a new line of tiles done using the same technique as the ornaments. I am hopping for more representation from galleries I'm in already and many new galleries. I am looking to pick up more west coast representation and to fill in some area that I have none. Thats a lot to ask for in a new year that is starting with global resestion, but with a little luck and some help from folks who know what "handmade american art and craft" is, we can get the job done.