Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It has always been about the process for me. Getting in there and doing, bending, shaping. Finding out about what rules of clay are absolute. Still, I love “form and functions” way of co-habitating in clay. But lately I have been noticing a lack of understanding of the process behind a lot of art. Not just in clay but other medias too. Is it now the goal of commercial art to so veil this all important step that the visual dynamic of the art is the only valued quality? Clearly this has happened in our everyday material world items from egg-beaters to cell phones. They are all designed with built in expiration dates. But how could this so crass a value be pulled into a place as special as art? I will strive to continue to peruse the “old ways” as well as allow “the new” its due influence on my work but in the end it is the process behind the glaze I want collectors to behold.