Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Big Crafty

Here are some pix of The Big Crafty, July 12th 2009. It was a sunny day and there was tons of traffic. Here are some pix of my booth and the crowd. Thanks to everyone that came by and said hi.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Booth on Lake Lure

What a nice festival it was at the Rumbling Bald Resort. I couldn't get that dirty dancing resort feeling out of my head the whole time. Especially when they made announcements over the loud speakers, my mind would wander as I gazed out over the water from my booth. Sales where very slow but the booth fee was $0 and I very much enjoyed my time there in the sun. I hope to go back next year for the 4th and make it a tradition. A big thank you shout out to the folks that did purchase something at the event.

I put this pot on the pier when I was setting up. When I decided to leave it there for the festival and see what would happen, I started getting tons of comments of all types. Not everyone was afraid it would fall or be knocked into the water. I was. It made for great fun all day as some would pretend to push it over or try and grab it. Some just stopped and stared at it. One guy thought the marina had got some nice new post caps till he looked around at the other empty piers. Thanks for all your comments on it and my pottery and yes it made it through the whole festival 10-5 without being knocked into the lake. Only once I was sure it was about to take a dive. A man was looking at something up on the mountain above the tents and he was slowly backing up and nearing the pot. His female companion noticed he was about to crash into it and grabbed him at the last minute.