Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow. My last post was right after the storm.  Most of my life since then has been a storm of its own or spent recovering from that one.  There is still a pile of broken metal in my yard that needs to go. It wasn't easy to make it before as an artists but when Asheville Art in the Park started pulling in some real good numbers, I became hopeful of what was possible.  I have been working at finding some real opportunities for artists that could pull our momentum past just the Pack Square market and help Asheville Artists really make more money throughout the year.  When the storm hit us, it must have stirred up something inside me.  Ideas have been racing out of me like a stock market ticker tape.  I honestly didn't know what to do with it all? I have been throwing ideas out of my head only to have them slam back in with force due to some coincidence reiterating their importance.  Then I realized  the importance of letting it all go.  I was trying to hold on to it, to own it, when all I needed to do was give it away.

So, I went to Kitty Love, the executive director of Arts2People and asked for her help sorting out how to implement this new desire I had to let it all go.  She listened and helped me whittled down some bold sweeping ideas into some specific actions and programming that can make a real difference to struggling artists in the community.  On Monday, I will start to implement it. We need your help.  For the time I am working on this new program, I will be offering free, walk in and by apt. arts business consultation.  I am currently holding office hours of 10-4. M,W,T,F.  I'm in and out on Tuesdays and am often out on missions so be sure to call if you want to be sure to get me. Bla Bla bla bla. This is my personal ceramics blog so I should proly lay off all that "work stuff" but I am just so excited about it that I needed to get it out on my blog.

Speaking of pottery, I just had another load of tree mugs come out of the kiln and I have my new Potters Four Square game prototypes in action.  There is a copy at the ARC if you want to come by and help me play test it.     I am hoping to find some other potters that want to help be produce it for market.  You know, I have a few other things going on right now. So if you, the 3 or 4 people that sometimes read my blog, know of any good potters in the Asheville area.  lol.  let me know.

I hope to get on the river tomorrow with Jody and Sawyer. We try and float down the old girl at least once a season. . .  our window is closing fast.  Don't forget to come to Asheville Art in the Park at least one of the next 3 Saturdays in Pack Square.