Friday, February 17, 2012


So, it turns out that I'm a trouble maker.  If you didn't already know this, do not fear because I'm only interested in causing trouble in some very specific ways.  I am an arts advocate, so if your an artist or helping an artist, you can count on me to work in favor of opportunities that will be of benefit to you.  I do this because I am a local artist, a potter.  If you have ever known a potter, you will know that we are much more then benders of clay.  Potters are required by necessity (like many other medias)to hone skills in many areas not directly related to clay.  I have been fortunate to have some great teachers along the way and every one of them recognized and told me I was a trouble maker.

I can't help it. When I feel the system freezing up or dieing down into dysfunction, I subconsciously react.  Thoughts fill my head and memories churn out verbal satire.  As I age, I learn that keeping my mouth shut is often the best interpretation of the given situation but for this, for art, for the people that give there lives to the promotion of their own connection to creation, for us, I must speak up. 

I don't deal in negatives. Nor will I take into consideration those that bash and slander my efforts to promote equality within the system and provide open access to this market.  This is why I'm real trouble, I'm independent and weigh everything against the reality of being a potter.  I don't discriminate, either your helping or get out of the way.  I may be trouble with a capital T but the Pool Hall generates revenue for local creatives to be able to survive in this recessed economy.  It's my opinion that we need a bigger Pool Hall with tables for visiting artists as well as locals.  It would be nice if it could be kinda classy.  The result would be not only huge economic impact citywide but enhanced national exposure.

Am I looking for trouble?  No way.  It finds me but I certainly don't go looking for it.  My interests are to play nicely and keep my mouth shut but I'm sorry if sometimes, I can't help myself.

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